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Snoring Devices

Snoring and Sleep Apnea significantly impacts sleep, mental function, and overall health, and affects ever-increasing numbers of our population.

Snoring Devices

Snoring Devices can help people with Snoring and Sleep Apnea with breathing during sleep. Snoring Devices consist of two components which fit over the upper and lower teeth.

As your jaws close and your teeth come together, the Snoring Device pushes your jaw forward. This stretches the muscles supporting your airway, which may help to reduce breathing obstructions. 

Patients who use Snoring Devices might feel improvements to their overall well-being, from a reduction in their snoring, daytime sleepiness, anxiety, and depression.

But there are common side effects with Snoring Devices. These include dry mouth, tooth discomfort or pain, excess saliva production, jaw stiffness or soreness, changes to your bite, and the loosening of teeth. 

Snoring Devices are only recommended for treating Snoring and mild to moderate Sleep Apnea. More severe OSA requires ongoing treatment with CPAP therapy, or permanent resolution with Jaw Surgery.

There may be improvements to quality of life and cardiovascular risk with Snoring Devices, but these must be weighed against the potential for chronic jaw joint problems and limits in treating more severe OSA.


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