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Sinus Lift

Losing teeth leads to the jaw bone supporting them to collapse... making Dental Implant treatment impossible without additional surgical measures.

Sinus Lift procedures aim to restore bone that has deteriorated after the loss of back teeth from the upper jaw... making successful and lasting Dental Implant treatment a possibility.

Back teeth in the upper jaw sit below large sinus spaces in the cheekbones next to the nose... if any of these teeth are lost to decay or gum disease, the jaw bone below the sinuses begins to collapse.

Dental Implants can't be placed without having the healthy bone needed to support them... Sinus Lift surgery rebuilds bone in the upper jaw, and makes replacing back teeth with Dental Implants possible.

In the hands of a medically trained maxillofacial surgeon, Sinus Lifts are a highly predictable surgical procedure... and are designed to maximise the long-term success of your Dental Implant treatment.

The Sinus Lift procedure

A Sinus Lift is a specialist surgical procedure that rebuilds bone beneath the maxillary sinuses... making the successful and durable anchorage of Dental Implants in the upper jaw possible.

The Sinus Lift procedure involves making a conservative opening into the wall of the maxillary sinus. The membrane lining the sinus is lifted away, and the floor of the sinus is packed with Bone Grafting material.

This Bone Graft material encourages the bone-forming cells in the jaw to grow in and around it... these cells produce a substance that with time will mature into robust and healthy jaw bone.

This maturation takes around 4-6 months depending on the amount of bone being replaced... and this newly regenerated bone will provide the strong support needed for successful Dental Implant treatment.

Click here to find out more about specialist Bone Grafting.

Why choose Profilo° Surgical for Sinus Lift Procedures?

At Profilo° Surgical, you have access to both dentists & maxillofacial specialist surgeons. As a Dental Implant team, we can diagnose your unique problem, and design a Dental Implant solution specific to you.

With our registered surgical specialists, most of your consultation and diagnostic costs are covered under Medicare. Almost all Australians are covered for specialist consultations, x-rays and facial imaging.

This means you have more of your "dental dollar" to cover your Dental Implant treatment. Private hospital cover is also important, and dental insurance may help with your dental treatment costs.

But… dental insurance does not cover add-on items like Sinus Lifts. Add-on procedures that make successful Dental Implant surgery possible… is where Medicare and private Medical insurance can help.

Because you are being treated by a medical specialist, add-on surgical procedures can be reimbursable through Medicare. If carried out in a private hospital, add-on procedures such as Sinus Lifts can be free.

At your consultation, ask your specialist surgeon to see whether you need a Sinus Lift, or other add-on procedures. If you do, we can help assess whether your private medical insurance can help with the costs.

‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.’


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