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Dental Implants Procedure

From when you first walk through our doors... until the day you receive your replacement teeth... this is our Dental Implants procedure from start to finish.

1. Dental Implant Consultation

The first stage of the process towards Dental Implants is to come and see our surgeons for a consultation. During the consultation our surgeons will explain the Dental Implants procedure to you.

Our surgeons will answer your questions about the process, so you'll have the information you need to decide if Dental Implants are for you. We will provide you with up front costs for your proposed treatment.

2. Dental Implant Planning

When you decide to go down the path of Dental Implants, we will arrange for you to have a 3D CT scan. This will assess the quality of your jaw bone, ensuring you are suitable for Dental Implant treatment.

We will recommend Bone Grafting if you don't have enough bone. The CT scan is used in our 3D Implant Design process, ensuring your Dental Implants are placed to provide you with the best aesthetic outcome.

3. Dental Implant Surgery

The next stage is the placement of your Dental Implants. This can be done under LA in our Newcastle or Surry Hills rooms, or under GA at The Sydney Private Hospital or Warners Bay Private Hospital.

4. Dental Implant Healing

The jaw bone is left to fully integrate (fuse) with the Dental Implant. You will be given a temporary denture to wear during this time. After about three months you are ready for the permanent Dental Implant teeth.

5. Dental Implant Teeth

This is a general overview of the procedure. Some people require more complex treatment which can lengthen treatment time, or increase the number of steps in the Dental Implants procedure explained here.


Dental Implants Procedure Services

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