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3D Dental Implant Design

Profilo° Surgical uses 3D Dental Implant technology to place your Dental Implants with the precision needed for an ideal appearance and longevity.

Profilo° Surgical uses 3D Dental Implant technology to precisely plan your Dental Implant treatment, to provide you with predictable and lasting results.

Digital planning systems ensure we place your Dental Implants precisely within the confines of your jaws, preventing damage to the surrounding teeth and other important facial structures.

The level of precision in the placement of your Dental Implants is vital when it comes to making your replacement tooth look as natural as possible.

Digital Implant scanning records the position of your Dental Implant after it has been placed. This is used to design and manufacture the implant restoration that will be fixed to your Dental Implant.

The precision fit, function and aesthetics of digital Implant restorations, are greatly superior to the conventional techniques of physical moulds and plaster models.

The benefits to patients of digital implant technology, are Dental Implants that are precisely placed, and implant restorations that predictably fit, function and feel like your natural teeth.


3D Dental Implant Design Services

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