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Bone Grafting

Losing teeth leads to the collapse of the jaw bone supporting them... often leaving insufficient bone for successful Dental Implant treatment.

Bone Grafting rebuilds jaw bone that has deteriorated after the loss of teeth... making successful Dental Implant treatment a possibility. 

Human bone has the ability to rebuild itself, but often needs a push to produce the amount needed to support Dental Implants... Bone Grafting procedures enhance the body's natural ability to regenerate lost bone.

Profilo° Surgical uses only state-of-the-art Bone Grafting materials... and these are all produced using the most exacting of purification and sterilisation processes.

In the hands of a medically trained maxillofacial surgeon, Bone Grafting is a highly predictable surgical procedure... and is designed to maximise the success of your Dental Implant treatment.

The Bone Grafting procedure

The Bone Grafting procedure involves placing substitute bone into defects in the jaw such as extraction sockets... and this encourages cells within the jaw to produce new bone to fill and repair the defect.

Bone Grafting materials are small calcium-based crystals, and have a feel similar to wet sand when placed. Bone Grafts can be moulded and adapted to fit the exact shape of any space that they are placed into.

The crystals provide the scaffolding for bone-forming cells of the jaw to build on. As these cells grow across the scaffold of the Bone Grafting material, they form what will eventually mature into natural bone.

It takes 3 months for the bone to become strong enough to support Dental Implants. Bone Grafting materials are then broken down by the body over time, leaving only natural, healthy bone in their place.

Why choose Profilo° Surgical for Bone Graft procedures?

At Profilo° Surgical, you have access to both dentists & maxillofacial specialist surgeons. As a Dental Implant team, we can diagnose your unique problem, and design a Dental Implant solution specific to you.

With our registered surgical specialists, most of your consultation and diagnostic costs are covered under Medicare. Almost all Australians are covered for specialist consultations, x-rays and facial imaging.

This means you have more of your "dental dollar" to cover your Dental Implant treatment. Private hospital cover is also important, and dental insurance may help with your dental treatment costs.

But… dental insurance does not cover add-on items like Bone Grafting. Add-on procedures that make successful Dental Implant surgery possible… is where Medicare and private Medical insurance can help.

Because you are being treated by a medical specialist, add-on surgical procedures can be reimbursable through Medicare. If carried out in a private hospital, add-on procedures such as Bone Grafts can be free.

At your consultation, ask your specialist surgeon to see whether you need a Bone Graft, or other add-on procedures. If you do, we can help assess whether your private medical insurance can help with the costs.

‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.’


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