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Our Philosophy

Patient Information | Our Philosophy | Profilo° Surgical Sydney & Newcastle Our Philosophy
Patient Information | Our Philosophy | Profilo° Surgical Sydney & Newcastle

Your Smile… Our Philosophy

Our face is essential to our interaction with life. It communicates our diverse emotions, feelings and perceptions, before we even move our lips to speak.

A beautiful smile framed by harmonious facial proportion conveys a sense of inner balance and well-being.

There are many reasons a person may benefit from maxillofacial surgery. Undesirable growth patterns, developmental disorders, or facial injury may disturb the elements of our facial architecture.

Obstruction of the nasal airways and impaired breathing may interrupt how our faces were meant to evolve. Genetic inheritance may have already laid down the path for how our faces will develop.

With expert surgical techniques and precision 3D surgical planning systems, we can produce tailor-made solutions that give each person the best possible functional and aesthetic result.

Our intuitive feel for the individuality of a person's face is our greatest asset, enabling us to establish the ideal facial proportion and harmony that is unique to each person.

Jaw Surgery

Patient Information | Jaw Surgery | Profilo° Surgical Sydney & Newcastle What is jaw surgery
Patient Information | What is Jaw Surgery | Profilo° Surgical Sydney & Newcastle

The foundations of our face are the underlying bones. Our overall appearance, facial balance and shape are defined by their position and proportion.

Surgical movement of the upper and lower jaws can improve facial balance and harmony. The goal of jaw surgery is to align the upper and lower jaws, ensuring that your teeth meet in an ideal position, and that the jaw and facial structures are positioned to give you a balanced and proportionate profile.

All jaw surgery is completed in a team-approach with an orthodontic practitioner. A period of braces is usually required prior to and after surgery, and will be discussed in detail before surgery.

Profilo° Surgical utilises advanced three-dimensional imaging and planning techniques to demonstrate different treatment options, and improve understanding and involvement of patients in their treatment outcomes.

What are the benefits of jaw surgery
Patient Information | Benefits of Jaw Surgery | Profilo° Surgical Sydney & Newcastle

There are a multitude of improvements to your quality of life that can be produced by orthognathic jaw surgery. These include...

  1. Improve occlusion (the way the teeth meet)

  2. Improve facial proportions and balance

  3. Strengthen a weak or recessive chin

  4. Reduce an excessively strong or protruding chin

  5. Improve a gummy smile

  6. Increase dental show or improve your smile

  7. Balance a crooked smile

  8. Improve upper lip fullness

  9. Improve your airway and breathing

  10. Reduce symptoms of obstructive sleep apnoea

  11. Improve alignment of the face and teeth

Health Insurance

Patient Information | Health Insurance | Profilo° Surgical Sydney & Newcastle Medicare
Patient Information | Medicare | Profilo° Surgical Sydney & Newcastle

These procedures are normally subsidized by Medicare, so make sure you bring your Medicare card, your GP referral, and also your private medical-insurance details.

Whilst we accept referrals from your general dentist, we are still a specialist medical practice.

This means you should still expect Medicare rebates for your consultations, x-rays, and most surgical procedures.

Most services referred by your dentist are considered to be specialist dental, rather than specialist medical.

Private Health Insurance
Patient Information | Private Health Insurance | Profilo° Surgical Sydney & Newcastle

We recommend that anyone considering our specialist surgical services should take out comprehensive Hospital Insurance.

Most of our procedures are carried out in a private hospital setting, and top level Hospital Insurance ensures you have the highest level of cover.

This assists with the cost of your hospital stay, the operating theatre, anaesthetist, implantables such as plates and screws, and part of the procedure itself.

The Surgery Process

Patient Information | The Surgery Process | Profilo° Surgical Sydney & Newcastle Hospital
Patient Information | Hospital | Profilo° Surgical Sydney & Newcastle

Profilo° Surgical performs orthognathic jaw surgery on an inpatient basis under general anaesthesia. 

Profilo° Surgical operates out of two primary hospital facilities.

St Lukes Hospital is situated close to the Sydney Harbour, at Potts Point in Sydney CBD.

In Newcastle, Profilo° Surgical operates out of the highly regarded Warner's Bay Private Hospital.

Recovery Time
Patient Information | Recovery Time | Profilo° Surgical Sydney & Newcastle

The length of the procedure will depend on the surgical plan for either single or double jaw surgery, and additional procedures such as genioplasty. 

On average the surgery will take 1.5-4 hours to complete. After surgery you will be observed closely in hospital for 2-3 days to ensure your initial recovery is progressing well before you are allowed to return home with a friend or family member.