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Lefort 1 | UnderBite Surgery

A small upper jaw gives a sense of collapse in the middle areas of your face. Your chin & lower jaw may seem too big, & your lips may not close naturally.

Lefort 1 Underbite Surgery advances your upper jaw. This will normalise your bite, opens up your airway, & establishes your ideal facial proportions. 

Lefort 1 Surgery improves the flow of air behind your soft palate. This leads to improved breathing & exercise tolerance, as well as better sleeping patterns by diminishing the effects of snoring & Sleep Apnoea.

Your smile & facial appearance can change substantially. Advancing your upper jaw provides balance to the middle aspects of your face, & refines the contour of your lips & overall facial profile.

The ideal display of your teeth when talking & smiling is established with UnderBite Surgery. By moving your upper jaw forwards, you will find your lips are able to naturally close without straining.

Lefort 1 Surgery moves your upper jaw to a position that complements your lower jaw. This balances how your teeth meet when chewing & biting, which minimises the potential for tooth wear & jaw joint pain.

Lefort 1 UnderBite Surgery Procedure

If you have an UnderBite, you will have a 3-dimensionally small upper jaw. It won't have grown long enough, wide enough, or deep enough. Lefort 1 Surgery corrects your upper jaw in a FORWARD direction.

Your teeth may need to be orthodontically aligned before advancing your upper jaw with Lefort 1 Surgery. This is done so that your upper & lower teeth mesh together into a balanced bite following surgery.

It is also likely that you will require SARME Surgery to increase the width of your upper jaw. This is usually performed before Lefort 1 Surgery, so the width of your upper jaw matches your lower jaw when it's advanced.

We design your UnderBite Surgery procedure with precision 3D Surgical Simulation software. This allows you to visualise the outcome of your surgical procedure before proceeding with treatment.

Your 3D Surgical Simulation is used to produce customised surgical plating, meaning we can achieve bigger, more complex surgical movements with greater predictability & stability.

‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.’


Lefort 1 | UnderBite Surgery Services

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