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Genioplasty | Chin Surgery

A small chin affects more than just your appearance. It is a likely sign of a small lower jaw, which increases your risk of snoring, sleep apnoea & TMJ issues.

Chin Surgery is generally thought of in terms of appearance. While there are substantial cosmetic gains, this is eclipsed by the health & functional aspects of advancing your chin.

If you have a small jaw & chin, you may find your lips are unable to close together. Moving your chin forwards allows your lips to close naturally when they relax, & without straining the muscles in your lips & chin.

The muscles holding your airway open are attached to your lower jaw behind your chin. The further forward your chin point is positioned, the greater the amount of airway opening & improvement to your breathing.

Stretching your airway muscles tightens the soft tissue between your chin & neck. This improves the definition of your jawline, even more so if we have been given the opportunity to advance your lower jaw. 

GenioPaully is a Profilo° Surgical redesign of the classical Genioplasty procedure. Our refined surgical technique provides superior aesthetic enhancement, whilst also maximising the effects on airway opening.

GenioPaully is a bespoke surgical technique, individually designed for each patient. We produce a delicate chin button for a refined jawline in females, & a broader chin for a strong, masculine jawline in males.

Genioplasty Chin Surgery procedure

Genioplasty moves the structures of a your chin forward to the ideal anatomical position. A correctly proportioned chin sits in line with the profile of your lower lip, providing balance to your lips, nose & face.

Chin Surgery is a nuanced procedure, requiring not just precise surgical skill, but insight into adapting the technique to idealise the unique features of each person's face.

Genioplasty involves separating the bone of your chin from your jaw, then moving it, the attached muscles, & soft tissues forward. Your chin structures are secured in place with a custom designed titanium plate. 

The plate used to stabilise your chin remains in place for a total of 6 months. New jaw bone will form around the position of your chin, & the soft tissues of your chin will settle into their new location.

The titanium plates are removed once all of the structures of your chin have matured. If there are any defects yet to fill in with natural bone, these can be successfully augmented with artificial bone grafting.

And if are any final modifications need to be made to the shape & symmetry of your chin, these can be expertly made with simple bone contouring at the time of your surgical plate removal.

‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.’


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