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BSSO | Lower Jaw Surgery

A small lower jaw and chin aren't merely a cosmetic issue, but are likely to be a sign of snoring, sleep apnoea and disturbed chewing function.

Lower Jaw Surgery can correct imbalances with your bite, offering you relief of jaw joint pain, eliminate snoring and sleep apnoea, and improve the definition of your jawline.

The line between Jaw Surgery for aesthetic desires & medical necessity is often blurred. While your facial appearance may be enhanced by a BSSO, the primary focus is centred around health & medical issues.

Advancing your jaw with BSSO Surgery opens your airway, diminishing the effects of snoring & sleep apnoea. You may as a result, experience improvements in your mood, concentration, & exercise tolerance.

Moving your lower jaw into alignment with your upper jaw balances the forces of your biting & chewing, which helps to protect against the potential for damaging tooth wear & jaw joint (TMJ) pain.

Lower Jaw Surgery also addresses aesthetic concerns stemming from your small lower jaw. These may include a weak chin, receding jawline, bucky teeth, bad overbite, sagging neck tissue, or poor lip closure.

BSSO is the classical surgical technique for increasing lower jaw length. There are limits to the advancement that can be achieved with a BSSO. If greater movement is required you may best be treated with IMDO™.

BSSO Lower Jaw Surgery procedure

BSSO Surgery moves your lower jaw into correct alignment with your upper jaw, so that it is ideally balanced with the profile and proportions of your face.

Your teeth may need to be orthodontically aligned before undergoing Lower Jaw Surgery. This is done so that your upper teeth and lower teeth mesh together into a correctly functioning bite after surgery.

We design your BSSO Surgery procedure with precision 3D Surgical Simulation software. This allows you to visualise the outcome of your surgical procedure before you decide to proceed with treatment.

Your 3D Surgical Simulation is then used to produce customised surgical plating. These ensure we achieve highly complex surgical movements, with results that have excellent predictability and stability.

‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.’


BSSO | Lower Jaw Surgery Services

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