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BiMax | Double Jaw Surgery

The cornerstone of Jaw Surgery is realigning the jaws and teeth, in order to improve the way they work together.

Jaw Surgery can dramatically improve many aspects of your life. While your facial appearance may be enhanced, the core aim of Jaw Surgery is correcting health & medical issues.

You may be suffering from obstructed breathing, & are looking for a permanent cure to eliminate your snoring, sleep apnoea, poor exercise tolerance, & general breathlessness.

You may wish to correct issues with imbalance of your facial features, such as the appearance of a weak chin, a receding jawline, a pronounced overbite, or obvious facial asymmetry.

You may have difficulty with biting, chewing or eating, are damaging your teeth from the way you bite, or are experiencing chronic jaw joint (TMJ) pain & dysfunction.

The line between Jaw Surgery for cosmetic wants & medical necessity is often blurred. Having a small jaw & chin aren't merely cosmetic, they are likely signs of snoring, sleep apnoea & disturbed chewing function.

BiMax Surgery opens your airway, improving the flow of air through your nose & behind your tongue. This leads to greater exercise tolerance, better sleep patterns, & a reduced severity in snoring & Sleep Apnoea.

Your smile & facial appearance can change substantially, by optimising the amount of teeth you show when talking & smiling, & accentuating the definition of your cheekbones & jawline. 

Double Jaw Surgery corrects the relationship between your upper & lower jaws. This balances how your teeth meet when biting & chewing, & minimises the potential for tooth wear & jaw joint problems.

BiMax Double Jaw Surgery procedure

BiMax Double Jaw Surgery involves the surgical repositioning of both your upper & lower jaws, within the same surgical procedure.

BiMax Jaw Surgery correctly aligns your upper and lower jaws in 3 dimensions. The jaw surgery procedure on your upper jaw is called a Lefort 1... & the jaw surgery procedure on your lower jaw is a BSSO

Your teeth may need to be orthodontically aligned before moving your jaws with Double Jaw Surgery. This is done so that your upper teeth & lower teeth mesh together into a balanced bite following surgery.

We design your Double Jaw Surgery procedure with precision 3D Surgical Simulation software. This allows you to visualise the outcome of your surgical procedure before proceeding with treatment.

Your 3D Surgical Simulation is used to produce customised surgical plating, meaning we can achieve bigger, more complex surgical movements with greater predictability & stability.

‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.’


BiMax | Double Jaw Surgery Services

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