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SARME | Jaw Widening Surgery

If you have a narrow smile or misaligned upper teeth, it's because your upper jaw is too small. This likely effects your breathing and your quality of sleep.

SARME is a highly effective procedure that widens your upper jaw. This improves your breathing, while also making room for your teeth to be straightened without tooth removal.

A small, narrow upper jaw is common in children, teenagers & adults. Treating this in adults, or teenagers where facial growth is complete, can only be achieved with a combination of orthodontics & surgery.

SARME opens up your nasal airway, improving air flow through your nose & behind your soft palate. This leads to greater exercise tolerance, better sleep patterns, and reduced severity in snoring & Sleep Apnoea.

The increased size of the upper jaw can improve the health & function of your sinuses. Your migraines & headache-like symptoms may be reduced or eliminated entirely following SARME surgery.

Your smile & facial aesthetics can change substantially. Increasing the width of your upper jaw produces a broader smile, & accentuates your cheekbone definition by tightening the soft tissues above.

And in preparing for further Jaw Surgery procedures, SARME surgery makes room in your upper jaw for your teeth to be straightened without tooth removal, allowing you to keep a maximum of your natural teeth. 

SARME Jaw Widening Surgery procedure

Expanding the upper jaw is commonly used to relieve dental crowding in growing teenagers. Once the facial bones have stopped growing at around 18, this simple approach can't be used.

The growth suture that runs through the roof of your mouth has fused together by this point. This suture allows the upper jaw to be expanded with orthodontic appliances in growing teenagers.

Using this approach in adults will push teeth out of the jaw bone, without actually widening the upper jaw. This type of treatment only camouflages the narrowness of the upper jaw. 

At best, you can expect relapse of your teeth after treatment. At worst, you may lose the bone & gum around your teeth, damage the roots supporting your teeth, or face losing some teeth entirely.

With SARME Surgery, the growth suture in the roof of the mouth is safely recreated. The expansion forces are only applied to the jaw bone, & stable expansion of the upper jaw is made possible.

Treatment times with SARME Surgery are rapid. There is no orthodontic relapse after treatment, no damage to your teeth, & no harm to the essential bone & gum tissue supporting your teeth.

‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.’


SARME | Jaw Widening Surgery Services

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