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IMDO™ is a revolutionary way to fix a small jaw and big overbite, with better outcomes and in less time than traditional orthodontics.

Only looking at your teeth or your smile ignores the complexity of your face. Focusing on your teeth overlooks the aspects of your face that makes you unique.

Teeth become crowded for one, simple reason... if our jaws aren't big enough to fit all our teeth. If you have crooked teeth or an awkward smile, it really is because your jaws are too small.

Crooked teeth and small jaws are not only cosmetic, they're a likely sign of bite disturbances and airway obstruction. The line between Overbite Surgery for aesthetic wants and medical needs is often blurred.

A bad bite amplifies daily wear and tear of our teeth, and can lead to painful jaw joint conditions. Airway obstruction reduces our ability to exercise, live and stay healthy. It also makes us more likely to snore.

Snoring usually progresses to Sleep Apnea if left untreated. Sleep Apnea increases our risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes as we approach middle age, and is a major factor in reducing life expectancy.

And there is a single cause of each of these issues, a small lower jaw and compromised facial development. The IMDO™ treatment philosophy is designed to correct the fundamental cause of all these problems.

IMDO™ | Overbite Surgery in Adults

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IMDO™ Overbite Surgery in adults is more complex than in teenagers. The key ingredient missing is growth of the face, which approaches completion during the middle teenage years.

IMDO™ was first designed to treat adolescents in the early to middle teenage years. The procedure is now successfully used in adults of an increasingly broad age range, & for a diversity of medical conditions.

The current option for advancing the lower jaw is the BSSO. This does provide benefit through increased airway opening & alignment with the upper jaw, but there are limitations on the degree of advancement.

IMDO™ offers a significantly greater degree of jaw advancement. Unlike the BSSO which purely lengthens the lower jaw, IMDO™ 3-dimensionally increases the width, length & depth of the lower jaw.

The increase in airway opening behind the tongue is more substantial, with greater improvements to breathing maximising the potential to eliminate snoring, sleep apnoea, and sleep-disordered breathing.

IMDO™ advances the jaw gradually over a number of days, and the effects of an enlarging airway on breathing can be measured. The point at which airway obstruction is eliminated can be determined precisely.

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IMDO™ creates dramatic results in much less time than treatment with standard orthodontics & braces. Click the link below to find out how the IMDO™ treatment process works.

IMDO | Overbite Surgery - The Process.

Traditional orthodontic treatments are not equipped to fix big overbites & small jaws. Click the link to see how Overbite Surgery with IMDO™ compares with traditional orthodontics & braces.

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IMDO™ produces life-changing results for teenagers with big overbites, bad dental crowding, and small lower jaws. Click the link below to find out how we do this.

IMDO | Overbite Surgery - For Teenagers.

Any surgical procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, please seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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