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Australian Residents & Telehealth

We understand that you are looking for clinicians offering the highest quality of treatment, at the best possible value, and your treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

If you live anywhere in Australia, you can contact us for an opinion via Skype. All you need is a web camera, microphone, and high speed internet.

We don't provide clinical advice or treatment costs via email. But we can via Skype. We can provide you with a considered professional opinion, to inform and guide you with choosing the best treatment option for you.

We also offer Telehealth consultations, that give people in rural and regional Australia to the opportunity for Medicare subsidised consultations online. You can read further details about this service on this Medicare page.

Book an Online Consultation

How does a Skype Consultation work?

If you are fully invested in the treatment of your condition, we are able to provide an independent assessment of your facial, jaw and orthodontic condition, and your treatment.

With modern digital imaging, our specialist and world class clinicians are able to offer maxillofacial, dental and orthodontic advice, online. This would form a good basis prior to you meeting us for a further consultation or treatment planning session, in person.For a normal doctor’s fee, we are happy to organize a half hour, online Skype consultation with you. This is the most convenient and efficient means of being able to ask our specialist staff all your questions, in person.

We will be able to help you understand your face, jaw and orthodontic condition and give you a clear picture of what kind of treatment you should be looking at.

You can send an email to us at Profilo (by using the "Contact Us" form with the title “Australia Skype Consult – YOUR NAME”) and we can start organising your meeting.

Appointment times

Consultations are provided during business hours (8:30am to 4:30pm) Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).We will call you via Skype at the nominated time. All consultations are for 30 minutes, so you should have your questions ready.

You need to provide us your Skype name, and the best time in AEST when your online consultation would be most convenient for you.

Please do take note of the time difference after the appointed time is set.

Our Appointment Fees

After contacting us, we will provide you details to complete pre-payment for a normal ½ hour consultation fee. Only after full payment has been made, can we confirm an appointment for you.

Am I eligible for the Medicare TeleHealth program?

If you are from a rural area, you may be eligible for Medicare TeleHealth with us. There are strict rules with this process (which also changes from time to time).Firstly, we only offer Medicare TeleHealth consultations after you have been referred by your GP or dentist. We also have to confirm your location with the Medicare Telehealth approved rural area to see if you are eligible.

Please include your address and location for us to check... But only if you wish to book a consultation with us through the Medicare TeleHealth Programme.

We apologise if the organisation of a consultation under Medicare TeleHealth is not possible.

Of course, we offer Skype consultations to everyone, which means the convenience of a consultation in your own home or office, even if there is no Medicare rebate available to your area.

After your consultation

Following your consultation, we can arrange for a 3D facial radiological examination. The process for this is complicated on our part, and arranging for it normally follows on from the initial consultation with you.

Who can I ask to consult with me?

You can elect to speak to a specialist facial surgeon, orthodontic practitioner or dental surgeon. You can also nominate a specific person by name in your request.

To assist us, you should indicate to our secretarial staff the nature of your condition and the general basis of your enquiry.

More Questions?

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