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Chin Implants

Facial Implants for the chin, cheekbones or jawline can bring your facial features into greater harmony, enhancing their definition and youthfulness.

Profilo° Surgical uses innovative Jaw Implant materials that function just like real bone. They look and feel natural, and integrate seamlessly with the structures of the face.

Jaw Surgery has great versatility in correcting jaw and facial aesthetics, but traditional techniques aren't suited to every situation. Customised Chin Implants may be ideal if your aesthetic needs are more unique.

Chin Implants are commonly used to correct a chin that is small or asymmetrical. Customised Chin Implants can improve chin projection and definition, creating better balance to your facial profile.

chin implants

Customised Chin Implants offer superior performance to generic alternatives. They are designed to intimately fit the contours of your facial structures, with reduced surgical times and better aesthetics.

Our process involves state-of-the-art 3D Imaging systems, which we use to digitally reconstruct your jaws and face. This allows us to precisely visualise areas of your face where we can restore ideal balance. 

We design your Chin Implant in the virtual world, allowing you to see how it affects your facial appearance. Different sizes and shapes can be created, providing you with control over your treatment outcome.

chin implants procedure

Chin Implants Procedure

chin implants design

1. Consultation

Your first consultation with our specialist will give you the opportunity to outline your concerns to us in detail, where you feel improvements can be made, and what your ultimate goals are with treatment.

We will provide you with all of your options for achieving your goals, which may include Jaw Surgery procedures as alternatives or complements to a customised Chin Implant.

2. Design

If you decide to proceed, we'll arrange for you to have medical CT scanning, which we use to digitally reconstruct your facial structures. With this we design your customised Chin Implant in the virtual world.

This will demonstrate the changes that are possible to your chin and facial structures, and will provide a digital simulation showing the transformation to your soft tissue profile.

3. Surgery

Your Chin Implant surgery will be performed in a private hospital setting under General Anaesthesia. This will be coordinated by our highly experienced and caring administrative staff.

Chin Implant surgery is performed through small incisions made in the mouth. The soft tissue is gently lifted away from the bony structures underneath, creating a space for the Chin Implant to be placed.

The Chin Implant is secured in place with small titanium screws. Over the following months, your Chin Implant will fuse to the underlying skeletal structures supporting it.

For further information on customised facial implants see our Blog post.

Any surgical procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, please seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

To speak further with our patient coordinator, or to book a consultation today, please use our online inquiry form or call 1300 323 288.


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