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Sleep Apnea

David's Snoring & Sleep Apnoea was permanently cured with Double Jaw Surgery.

Richard is 37 years old. His wife complains that he snores, and his daytime lethargy is affecting his ability to work safely and enjoy his weekends with his three children.

Richard also likes weight lifting, but aerobic exercise is almost impossible due to a constant feeling of choking.

Richard already had sleep studies, which affirmed he already had severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. The CPAP machine his sleep physician provided was unfortunately impossible to tolerate.

His sleep dentist made a mandibular advancement splint, which helped with his sleep but caused general jaw ache. It also affirmed in Richard’s mind that his small lower jaw was the main cause of his obstruction.

When Richard was 19, his overbite was treated with premolar extractions and camouflage orthodontics to straighten his upper front teeth. As he got older, he started putting on weight, particularly around his neck.

Frustrated by a range of expert medical opinions, Richard eventually went back to his dental practitioner to ask for advice on a permanent cure.

Richard’s question was whether there was a link between his original dental overbite, the look of a receding chin, and the development of his snoring problem

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