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Linda was treated with IMDO to fix her small lower jaw and big overbite.

Linda is 14 years old. She was referred via her orthodontic practitioner for correction of her short jaw through IMDO and GenioPaully.

After expanding her upper jaw and advancing her upper front teeth to maximise the dental overjet, IMDO was able to correct her bite and advance her chin point an additional 10mm.

A GenioPaully further advanced her chin button another 8mm (a total of 18mm). Her jawline was widened, her lips made to meet, and natural profile balance obtained. All within 3 months.

After a short period of bite settling and natural lower arch levelling, her orthodontist will be able to apply Class I orthodontic mechanics to straighten and align her teeth into a perfect occlusion.

She will also develop her wisdom teeth into a full 32 complement of teeth, avoiding the need for their removal in the future, and leaving no evidence of jaw surgery having been performed.

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