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John was treated with IMDO to fix his overbite, and GenioPaully to masculinise his chin.

John is 23 and has a Class II malocclusion with dental overjet and deep overbite. Orthodontics was used to project the upper front teeth and mildly widen the upper arch in preparation for IMDO.

IMDO is an exciting new paradigm to facial surgery that allows for titrated mandibular “growth” to occur between molar teeth. This enables the orthodontist to uncrowd the lower teeth.

IMDO widens as well as lengthens the underlying shape of the mandibular arch and does away with the more invasive and complicated BSSO, the traditional form of lower jaw surgery.

Used in combination with a variation of the genioplasty chin advancement called the GenioPaully, it was possible to project the chin point considerably further that traditional tenchinques.

The combination of IMDO and GenioPaully strengthens the jaw line in a titrated manner, matching the jaw shape to the natural aesthetics and proportions of the face.

John has attained a natural and masculine jaw line with an true chin point advancement of 16mm. This has maximally opened his airway and eliminated his future risk for snoring and OSA.

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