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This area is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of jaw & facial surgery.

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Replace missing teeth or loose dentures with dental implants

Replace missing teeth or loose dentures with dental implants

Specialist dental implant solutions can permanently replace failing teeth, or poorly fitting dentures, in people that have lost the ability to smile, eat and talk without feeling self-conscious.

Wearing unsecured dentures can cause pain or embarrassment. They make it difficult to comfortably eat a healthy range of your favourite foods. They also affect how you pronounce words, and can alter the way that you speak. 

Fixed dental implants recreate the function and appearance of a mouth complete with natural teeth. The improvements to a person’s quality and enjoyment of life are always dramatic.

Being able to confidently socialise with friends, enjoy our favourite foods, and maintain our self-esteem, are not only desirable, but essential to our physical and emotional health.

Profilo° Surgical has the training and expertise required to give you the highest quality of fixed dental implant treatment, no matter how complex or challenging your situation may be.

We pride ourselves in not just supplying you a service, but in providing an outcome that we will endeavour to be successful and long-lasting. 

Fixed Dental Implant Secured Teeth

Evelyn came to us with an upper denture that was unwearable, due to the severe reduction in size of her upper jaw.

We provided Evelyn with bone grafting and sinus lifts to create the jaw volume necessary, to place dental implants that we would be confident in their success.

Six dental implants were placed in Evelyn's upper jaw and once they had fused, we designed the fixed porcelain teeth that were permanently fitted to her dental implants. 

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